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Did you know that it is estimated that 1mm of limescale in your heating pipes can increase heating costs by 7%? That’s huge. In addition, the cost of living is going up rapidly, and we don’t want to waste our time doing additional cleaning when we want to spend precious time with our family and friends. We can help you with your water softener in Bristol & Bath.

We’ve been using one ourselves – and fitting them for over 15 years in association with our partner West Country Water Softeners.

More about Water Softening.

There are many benefits to having softened water in your house, and here are why you must consider having a water softener fitted in your home.

What is Limescale?

Limescale is a hard substance formed from Calcium and Magnesium, which is left behind when hard water evaporates. It is found where water is standing or hot water evaporates and leaves a tough hard-to-remove deposit. 

 It can form visibly in kettles, around tap heads, bath screens and shower heads, often restricting the flow. And it also appears where you can’t see it, like inside pipes, boilers, heating elements and radiators which causes the appliances to be less energy efficient with less flow. In extreme cases, it damages them by causing pipes to get blocked and even split and leak.

I hate limescale in my home; how can I prevent it?

Many people don’t like limescale because it’s hard to clean and requires strong chemicals to remove it. Thankfully, you’ll never have to put up with it again once you’ve had a water softener fitted and you keep it filled with salt.

Easier to clean and surfaces shine.

Over time, the existing limescale is removed as it dissolves over the coming months, and your home is protected from future build-up. Scum and dull surfaces will be a thing of the past, and goodbye to water spots. This reduces your cleaning time – with less need for harsh cleaning products. 

Protecting my appliances with a water softener.

Your washing machine, boiler and dishwasher should work longer and are less likely to break. The boiler and pipes will stay unblocked with limescale, resulting in them running more economically and saving money on your heating bills.

 An average home with hard water builds 6mm of limescale in four years, significantly reducing the efficiency of your kitchen appliances and boilers, raising your energy costs by an estimated 40% and increasing the environmental effect on the planet.

Less detergent is better for the environment.

 I can wash my clothes with fewer chemicals at a lower temperature as they become more effective in soft water. Great for my bills, and I’m putting fewer detergents down the drain, which is better for the environment.

Our hair is much shiner.

You only need half as much shampoo to produce a better lather for softer, shinier hair and smooth skin. It feels so much nicer, and people who are used to soft water notice when they must “endure” hard water away from home.

FAQ about Water Softeners

Does the water softener use electricity?

No- it’s non-electric and has excellent energy efficiency.

What sort of salt does the softener use?

The water softener uses Block Salt, which is easy to handle and store.

Can the water softener deal with low-pressure water?

Yes. The maximum flow limit is 56 litres per minute, and it can provide softened water for 24 hours per day.

What about my drinking water?

We usually fit a hard water tap at your kitchen sink for drinking. Baby formula should never be made with softened water.

Is there a guarantee on the water softener?

The manufacturers offer their parts warranty.

So don’t delay – get your water softener in Bristol & Bath today. Make a no-obligation enquiry.

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